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Clinical Trials

Across the U.S., thousands of cancer patients choose to take part in clinical trials. They participate not only to fight their own cancer—but also to help create new options for other cancer patients.

What are clinical trials?

Our treatment innovatorsSM are striving to create new effective treatments for cancer that can help cancer patients feel better, live longer, or be cured today. Clinical trials are a way to test theories and bring research closer to an answer. In a clinical trial, patients follow a protocol that is either interventional (a patient receives a specific treatment and the results are documented) or observational (a patient is watched for specific outcomes that are documented). The Gateway funds both kinds of clinical trials.

What clinical trials do you fund?

The Gateway funds a number of clinical trials in many different areas of cancer research. Some studies are focused on systemic therapies that help a patient enjoy a better quality of life throughout their cancer treatment. Other studies examine the direct effects of a new type of medication or treatment approach. For a full list of currently funded research, visit Research & Results.

How do you fund clinical trials?

Our treatment innovatorsSM are subject to a rigorous screening process that is overseen by our Board of Scientific Counselors. Once a cancer researcher applies for funding then their application is reviewed and chosen based on their experience and the strength of their research pursuit. The most promising studies—the ones that have the potential to bring about meaningful change in cancer treatment TODAY—are funded.

Can I be in a clinical trial?

The decision to participate in a clinical trial is deeply personal. Clinical trials are open to a variety of patients. You’ll need to work with your medical staff to decide if a clinical trial is right for you.

"Treatment InnovatorSM" is the term we use for researchers funded by The Gateway for Cancer Research: the men and women we support in their search for better treatments and cures that can help cancer patients TODAY.

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